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Making Your Own PVC Fittings

For years, Nathaniel Burson and his family bought PVC fittings. Then they discovered that by properly heating PVC pipes they could shape them into… well, just about anything. On his video, “Never Buy A PVC Fitting Again!”, he teaches you how to make PVC couplings, caps, adapters, reducers, Ls, sweep Ls, male and female threaded adapters, and much more.

But even more importantly, he discovered a way to recover used PVC fittings, extracting the broken pipe and glue from the inside of any fitting without harming it so that glue-in valves, Ts, expensive pool fittings, and anything else can be reused. Normally, once a fitting has been glued once it is thrown away by plumbers across the country. With this simple technique any fitting can be recycled in less than 5 minutes – saving him and his family literally thousands of dollars over the years.

You can watch a short video below and purchase the DVD from