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Peukert’s Equation and Battery Capacity

Battery capacity planning seems simple, but can be a bit tricky. If you have a 100 amp hour battery, you might think you can draw 100 amps for 1 hour, 50 amps for 2 hours, and 25 amps for 4 hours (or even 200 amps for .5 hours). Well it doesn’t quite work out that way. The reason was formulated by a scientist by the name of Peukert, and basically says the faster the rate of discharge, the lower the usable ah capacity you have. The slower the rate of discharge, the higher the usable ah capacity. Read more and try out our new calculator at:


Why BAC is likely the most efficient food on Earth

“If you take care of each cell in your body, disease cannot happen.” -Harvey Diamond, as quoted in “Never be sick again”, 1992

By now most people have heard about algae and their phenomenal nutritive value. But hardly any people have heard about Bio-Algae Concentrates. How can there be such superior blends of algae as BAC that when put together are hundreds of time more nutritionally functional than any single algae. We say that BAC is an “extremely efficient food” because of unique or combination of characteristics. Im the pages that follows, I will describe several of these characteristics;
nutritive as in nutrients for energy, growth and repair
protective as in nutrients for figthing and protecting
complete as in over 5,000 nutrients,
balance as in the “science” not just the “art” of proper food combination,
synergistic as in the whole is greater then the sum of its part
whole algae as in whole food
organic as in pure
For a start, a major advantage with BAC is that it contains not only nutrients with Nutritive properties, but unlike most blue-green algae, BAC also contains high levels of nutrients with Protective properties.

Nutritive Nutrients

BAC’s blue-green algae contain highly Nutritive nutrients and elements like proteins, vitamins, enzymes and chlorophyls from its blue-green algae. In one example, BAC contains many times the digestible protein of fish or meat, it contains the full amino acids spectrum; not just 8 of 16, but all known amino acids. For this reason, it’s one of the highest source and best assimilable form of protein.

Protective Nutrients

BAC contains from its red algae high level of nutrients with extraordinary Protective properties in the form of mixed carotenoids and other free-radical fighting agents. For example, BAC contains astaxanthin, clinically proven to be hundreds of time more efficient as a free radical antioxidant power than vitamin E or vitamin C and at least 20 times more efficient than even beta-carotene.



Free Bio-Methane Articles

We are offering a series of bio-methane (Gobar Gas) articles written by Al Rutan, The Methane Man. These articles are offered at no cost to anyone who asks. They cover the reason to bio-digest, the methods, and ways to use methane instead of propane or petroleum based natural gas. Go to to download your free tutorial.

Send a link to this post to all your address book buddies, twitter and facebook friends, so that they too can learn about an environmentally clean renewable fuel that can be made at home.

For those who need more, we have a 3 hour video instructional download by Al Rutan. It covers in depth methane biodigestion, and usage, for $30

Check out our Al Rutan Methane Discussion group at


Square Foot Gardening – maximizing space & effort

We are re-reading one of our favorite books, Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening, and are intrigued by a question he raises in his introduction; “Does anyone know the real reason people garden?”. For us, the answer is easy. We want a sure supply of affordable healthy food. We want to be sure that our food is chemical free, available when we need it, and won’t break our budget keeping us fed. Mel shows how in a single 4′ x 4′ square, you can grow in two months the following supplies:

  • 32 carrots
  • 12 bunches of leaf lettuce
  • 18 bunches of spinach
  • 16 radishes
  • 16 scallions
  • 16 beets
  • 9 Japanese turnips
  • 5 pounds of peas
  • 1 head of cabbage
  • 4 heads of romaine lettuce
  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 head of broccoli

If you need more, grow another square, and many more vegetable types are explained in his book. His method almost eliminates the hours typically spent maintaining a garden in a healthy weedless state. Well worth the read.


Shane & Maria’s Eco-Tour

Our new friends, Shane and Maria are visiting for a few days. They are on a tour of intentional communities and organic farms, and have visited interesting places including The Farm, Twin Oaks, and Earth Haven. You can read about their travels in their veggie fueled camper at Eco Tour of North America. In Shane’s words:

The reason for the trips is to explore ecologically-oriented community projects (sometimes called “eco-villages”) and learn about how people are attempting to live in greater harmony with each other and with Nature. Follow along on the journey. Write and ask questions. The sharing of this information can and will create change in our world. Thanks for your support! Shane