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Recycled, Recyclable Razor, from Recycline

Recycline’s New Preserve® Razor Triple is made from Recycled Materials and is Recyclable

My son really likes this one. His is red, looks racy, and keeps his teenage chin whisker free. They grow up so fast.

Waltham, MA (October 17, 2006) – Recycline is proving once again that high-performance consumer products used every day can be designed with an environmental edge. The Preserve Razor Triple is the latest addition to the Preserve brand, which already includes the top-selling toothbrush, razor and plastic tableware in the natural product marketplace. This new razor is the first environment-friendly alternative for high-performance shaving products. “The razor category in the natural channel has been void of a high performance offering and consumers and retailers have been asking for an environment-friendly and high-performance alternative,” says Recycline President and founder Eric Hudson.