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We are off to SC, and going aqua

Tomorrow at 9am we hit the road in our solar electric camper and veggie fueled suburban to South Carolina, to work with Travis Hughey and his aquaponics systems. You can read more about his combined hydroponics and fish farming system using barrels, which he calls barrel-ponics, at We will be documenting our work there with aquaponics, methane digestion, solar-hydrogen, and much more. Stay tuned.


Solar Assisted Biking

Solar assisted bikeI’ve been biking for many years, and since I bike in mountainous country, I have been interested in adding solar assist for long journeys. You can pedal, or let the sun help you get up those hills. Another option is you pedal to charge the battery, and the motor always powers the bike. When you get home, you can plug into your home for a fast, full charge, and you can have onboard solar for slow rate charging while on the road. Here are some ideas for those who want solar powered transportation:







Ice Harvesting

Today was Ice Harvesting day. We were over at our friends the Martin’s helping them collect ice for their ice house. The ice is cut from the pond using a chainsaw, and delivered in a veggie powered suburban. A diesel loader is used to carry the ice to the road, but we are looking at running that on veggie oil as well. More pics of the operation and the ice house can be found in our photo album.

We need a water pump for the VeggieGen. Contact us if you have a line on one. It’s a Detroit Diesel 2-71. See pics in the Photo Album.


TEVA Biodiesel Workshop success, Green-Trust Website hacked ….

It was a busy weekend. 7 hours on the road Saturday to TEVA in Falls Village, CT., Building the Appleseed Biodiesel Processor upon arrival, then teaching the biodiesel workshop on Sunday. Then the long trip home Sunday, arriving late at night, only to get a phone call that the website was hacked/erased. Only empty file directories were left. Bummer.

Fortunately, My isp had everything backed up, and determined it was a code vulnerability in our PHPBB forum software that allowed the hack. We fixed that after restoring the site, and all is good again.

Thank you to 12vman for the notification of the hack, we appreciate it.

Thank you to TEVA / Isabella Freedman for hosting the workshop, it was an awesome time of discovery and dialogue.

Thank you to Girl Mark for providing the instructional material.

Thank you to Biodiesel Warehouse for providing the Appleseed Processor kit.

Thank you to all the attendees for their insightful questions and observations.

More info will be posted in our Wiki soon ….

In other news, Our VeggieBenz conversion was showcased in EarthToys!