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Peak Oil Action Group

This past weekend our local Peak Oil Action Group got together at Patricia Greene‘s home for a potluck dinner, a movie on sustainable agriculture, and discussion. Someone brought a delicious squash soup, we saw “The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil“, and had some wonderful discussion. Jim Juczak of Woodhenge had this to say:

There were some major topics and minor topics discussed. Major ones included the fact that there are other groups that are overlapping some of our efforts and it would be good to combine forces to reinforce and take advantage of our mutual interests. Cooperative extension was one example, the historical societies and hands on museums were another. Minor ones included a sign up sheet at Richard and Aimee’s Arc neighborhood party later this month. The list would include topics people would feel comfortable teaching to small groups and topics that you wanted to learn about. Patricia also wanted to get a women’s skill study group started that would cover topics such as woodworking, home repair, home wiring, plumbing and welding. I offered to teach them with her.

At Church this morning, Pastor Ken was talking about watching out for our fellow man, instead of being centered on ourselves, in a sermon called “Live and Let Live“, part of his “Ten Cultural Myths that Drive America” series. This section was called “COMMUNITY TRUMPS INDIVIDUALITY”, and I saw a lot of parallels between the religious and the secular concepts we try to promote in our sustainable circles.