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All Blue LED Grow Lights: The Perfect Vegetative Light

All Blue LED Grow Lights: The Perfect Vegetative Light

Plants in vegetative growth cycles are mainly using wavelengths of light in the blue spectrum, specifically the 415nm-460nm range. This spectrum of blue light can be found more prevalently in the spring months when plants are growing structure and leaves (vegetation). The latest advent of LED grow lights has allowed indoor growers to target this powerful blue spectrum of light during their vegetative growth cycles by using all blue LEDs. Some all blue LED grow lights have multiple shades of blue LEDs to allow for a broader range of spectral output but still focusing all that energy in the highly active blue band of light.

It has been proven that the blue color spectrum causes very dense vegetative growth and increases fruiting sites on most plants. Another common result with all blue LED grow lights is quick seeding and cloning phase transition in plants that are grown under blue LED grow lights that feature High Intensity LEDs.

The benefits of all blue LED grow lights may be enough to entice an indoor grower to try them but caution is always needed when looking at LED grow lights. Like other grow lights, LED grow lights can range in quality and performance. Quality is the most important factor when buying LED grow lights due to the high cost of this technology. Indoor growers must recover their costs over time and if the light they purchase only works for one year or less they will not recover those costs. It’s always advised to look for a supplier of all blue LED grow lights that offers a long warranty period to guarantee results.

Rest assured that a top quality all blue LED grow light will provide some of the best vegetative growth any indoor garden has ever seen with the least amount of electricity and very little heat.


Why BAC is likely the most efficient food on Earth

“If you take care of each cell in your body, disease cannot happen.” -Harvey Diamond, as quoted in “Never be sick again”, 1992

By now most people have heard about algae and their phenomenal nutritive value. But hardly any people have heard about Bio-Algae Concentrates. How can there be such superior blends of algae as BAC that when put together are hundreds of time more nutritionally functional than any single algae. We say that BAC is an “extremely efficient food” because of unique or combination of characteristics. Im the pages that follows, I will describe several of these characteristics;
nutritive as in nutrients for energy, growth and repair
protective as in nutrients for figthing and protecting
complete as in over 5,000 nutrients,
balance as in the “science” not just the “art” of proper food combination,
synergistic as in the whole is greater then the sum of its part
whole algae as in whole food
organic as in pure
For a start, a major advantage with BAC is that it contains not only nutrients with Nutritive properties, but unlike most blue-green algae, BAC also contains high levels of nutrients with Protective properties.

Nutritive Nutrients

BAC’s blue-green algae contain highly Nutritive nutrients and elements like proteins, vitamins, enzymes and chlorophyls from its blue-green algae. In one example, BAC contains many times the digestible protein of fish or meat, it contains the full amino acids spectrum; not just 8 of 16, but all known amino acids. For this reason, it’s one of the highest source and best assimilable form of protein.

Protective Nutrients

BAC contains from its red algae high level of nutrients with extraordinary Protective properties in the form of mixed carotenoids and other free-radical fighting agents. For example, BAC contains astaxanthin, clinically proven to be hundreds of time more efficient as a free radical antioxidant power than vitamin E or vitamin C and at least 20 times more efficient than even beta-carotene.