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Far Out Living

faroutWe have been off grid for the last 6 years. What does off grid mean to us? It means getting our electric from the sun and wind instead of the power grid, and our heat from the trees on our woodlot, but other than that, life is fairly normal. Off grid means different things to different people. Here’s some folks that are way off grid, far out even.

Welcome to Far Out Living. My name is Deron Kazmaier, and my wife Marna and I live way out on the prairie in north western South Dakota. I have always been interested in renewable energy, conservation, gadgets and gizmos, and substainable living. So moving to this remote part of the country where we are miles from anyone (our nearest tree is two miles away, our nearest neighbor is 9.5 miles away, our nearest gas station is 18 miles away, and our nearest town is 45 miles away)!