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Garage Sales – Recycling at it’s best

We are very big fans of garage sales. My wife can’t drive by one without stopping. Don’t always pick up anything, but the thrill is in the hunt for something useful that someone else no longer wants. Bargains can be had, and instead of being thrown away, an item gets a new lease on life. The old adage, one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure is never more true. I enjoyed reading this book, and will apply many of it’s tips in our next sale.

Ava Seavey, “a self taught master of garagesaleology”, has combined her two decades of holding garage sales for herself and others with over twenty years experience in direct response advertising, to produce a foolproof guide to having successful garage sales. After initially becoming involved in garage sales and flea markets as a mode of supplemental income, Ava became fascinated by experimenting with the different angles of buying and selling and combined strategies and techniques she learned in the direct response advertising industry with the garage sale experience. As the economy got worse, Ava was inspired to help as many people as possible make money and have fun by sharing her well tested techniques.