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Storing Food For 30 Years and PV install

Yesterday we went to a Mormon Cannery and drypacked #10 cans with various foods like Hard Red Winter Wheat, Macaroni, Dehydrated Onions and Carrots, Dried Apple Slices, Oats, Beans, and more. I had never used a machine that seals the tin lids on the #10 cans before, so that was fun. An oxygen absorber went into each can (except the sugar), and some foods have a 20 year storage (carrots and powdered milk). Others have 30+ year storage. We processed over 700 cans.,11664,7448-1,00.html

Today I’m installing a 6750 watt off grid power system. There are 30 REC 225 watt PV panels, two Outback FM-60 controllers, eight Rolls 530 ah 6v batteries (in series) and two Outback VFX3648 inverters. The panels are wired in sets of 3 in series, with 5 sets per controller. I made the battery and inverter cables from 4/0 welding cable, and the panel and controller wiring from 8g SOOW cable. Pictures to follow, so stay tuned.