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Water Hyacinth – Biofilter and Chicken Feed

I’ve had a few questions about what plants to put in the biofilters for the fish tanks. Trav uses water hyacinth (and duckweed) in the breeder tanks for bio-filtration, and when it gets too thick (and it does), it’s harvested for chicken feed. They love the plants. Apparently it’s too bitter for human consumption. Trav told me I could try it, but I’m not that hungry yet. We are moving fish indoors today into the new breeder tanks we set up.

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Barrelponics pics are online

We are publishing our pictures that we have been taking this week as I type this. They are found at I’ll be publishing some tutorial videos this week as well. Trav and I have been having a bunch of fun working together. Once the fish are in for the winter, we can can finish the green houses and get the grow beds back in operation. We also have a veggie gen that needs to be torn down and cleaned. Pictures of that are also in the barrelponics photo album. I’ll be updating the album on a regular basis, so stay tuned.