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Convert Your Diesel To Run On Used Fryer Oil

We have been converting diesels to run on used fryer oil (different than biodiesel, which requires no conversion) for 15 years. We have posted a few articles giving tips and tricks on collecting and filtering oil, as well as the conversion process. We now use a homemade (DIY) centrifuge to clean the oil. Back articles on the centrifuge can be found at

The veggie diesel documents can be found at


New Listeroid veggie diesel being picked up today

It’s a beautiful 53F sunny morning at 6am. The birds are chirping, the brain dead woodpecker is tapping away on the metal roof on schedule, and the dog (Rascal, part Border Collie) wants to play fetch with what I consider small logs. Today is the day that Jim Juczak ( and Dave Heap arrive for our trip to Belleghuan, to pick up the listeroid that DJ MacIntyre ( donated to us. This engine is the heart of our veggie oil powered generator, 2nd Edition, replacing the old Detroit Veggie Gen. While I was waiting for the troops to arrive with heavy truck, ramps, and rollers (the engine weighs 1000 lbs), I decided to do some more work in the garden. All 8 cedar raised beds are finished (Dan bolted the rest together last night before the whole family went out to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3), and filled with peat moss and horse/calf bedding (manure and hay), and the potatoes and tomatoes are planted. Next week the lettuce, beans, peas, carrots, and cucumbers get planted (I’m on vacation). The pigs and turkeys have not yet arrived, but we expect them soon. We plan to eat well this summer.