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Wrong Gauge

The auto parts store ordered the wrong gauge. They got me a CP8205 which is the voltmeter, I need the CP8204 Ampmeter.

Arghhhh ….

I already have the CP8206 Oil Pressure gauge, but still need the CP8207 Water Temperature gauge. Now I just need some funds, LOL.


VeggieGen Control Panel

It’s an icy day, the kids are off from school due to bad roads, and the State Police say it’s a good day to stay off the roads. I finally got around to starting my new project, a control panel for the VeggieGen. I bought an ignition switch, am remounting my fuel selector valves, and picked up a switch for my electric priming pump. I already had an Oil Pressure gauge, but still need Ammeter, Voltmeter, and Water Temperature gauges. I’ll draw up a electrical diagram shortly, and load it into our photo album.