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Fowl Stuff Nest Box Update – Collect eggs from outside

A few weeks ago we posted about Fowl Stuff’s 5 gallon bucket nest box kit. Never content to set, Fowl Stuff has improved their 5 gallon nest boxes with a egg collection door from the outside. This makes egg collection quick, easy, and clean. Check out their video below, and visit their website.


Free Backyard Food Production Newsletter

For a valuable newsletter on producing your own food, visit

Steve Spence from Green-Trust.Org says:

“We get the newsletter (and have the DVD), and it’s one of our most treasured resources”.

Backyard Food Production says:

If you are interested in growing your own food in your backyard, or on a small farm, then welcome to our website. We offer a DVD tutorial that covers the basics of food production systems for a family or small group. Our emphasis is on sustainability, so our orientation is low-tech, with as little ‘store bought’ inputs as possible. We sometimes offer workshops that teach skills related to living sustainably. We are located in Central Texas – the climate and soils (er, lack of) make it very challenging to grow food here. Regardless of where you are, the principles are the same.

WATCH a 3 minute preview of the DVD!

The difference between an emergency and an inconvenience is preparation. –


Getting Started: Renewable Energy & Sustainable Living

We have posted thousands of articles here on the Green Trust website over the last 10+ years on how to DIY your own food, energy, and shelter. Here are some good tutorials (including video) from the folks at AltE:

If you are just beginning to learn about Renewable Energy, this is the place to start. In this section we will give you an overview of the most important factors to consider when choosing a renewable energy system.


An Improvised PVC Bulkhead Fitting for Liquid Storage Tanks

We use bulk head fittings on our rain barrels, and our methane digesters. Here is a good website for building your own.

A “bulkhead fitting” is an unusual item of plumbing designed to pass a connection through the sealed wall of a vessel. While there are a lot of household and industrial applications for them, you won’t find bulkhead fittings at Home Depot. Specialty sources on the Web want $10 or $20 for what should cost pennies. I will show you below how you can easily and inexpensively improvise PVC bulkhead fittings from common parts from the hardware store.


Tony Avent’s Plant Articles

Welcome to Tony’s Plant Articles section. Here you will find a series of in depth articles about an array of various subjects from Arisaemas to Plant Trademarks. Many of these are reprints of articles that Tony has written for publication in various venues over the years, with some written specifically for the website. These are not the typical website articles which are short and fluffy, but instead often go into great detail….you know, the stuff that everyone says is worthless on a website. We think you will find a wealth of information in these articles, and we thank the other authors that have also allowed their work to be republished here.

“Mr. Avent said he stopped using pesticides and chemical fertilizer in his outdoor gardens 20 years ago and was amazed at the improvement in his soil and plants. Conventional wisdom says that plants can’t tell the difference between a chemical fertilizer and an organic one, he noted, “but the microbes do — the fertilizer was burning up the compost.”

After he switched to organics, he said, “it took about a year before everything started jumping. Our insect problems disappeared. It was just amazing.””


Green-Trust.Org now in 38 languages

Scroll down the left side of our website, and pick the flag of your preferred language. It’s not perfect, but if English is not your primary language, this feature may be helpful.


The Winter Garden

It’s 15F outside, and there’s a few feet of snow on the ground. Our hankerings are turning to fresh salads, as the stuff at the grocery store is very anemic and not very nutritious. Our good friend Nathaniel has been developing some very cool hydroponic growing systems for those in cold climates, or with out space for regular gardening. Even if you live in a temperate climate, and have garden space, this might be a good alternative. Check out his video and website at


Freedom of the Press belongs to those who own one!

We are taking what we have learned over the last 16 years of website design and marketing, and helping others create a website to get the word out on issues that concern them. Websites with blogging, mailing lists, email accounts, affiliate programs, google ads, credit card payment processing and much more is available. If you have a issue that needs promoting, and need that process to generate funds, drop us a line at or see


Making your own Biodiesel

We have been involved in the biodiesel and waste vegetable oil scene for over 10 years now. Our good friend Rick from has produced a new website on making your own biodiesel that is worthy of review. It’s at and we recommend that if you have a diesel engine, or are considering obtaining one, or a vehicle that uses one, you check out this site.


Free Solar Install Guide

Want to get our DIY Solar install guide for free? Visit and try out our new tell-a-friend application. Tell 9 friends about our website, and we will give you our solar install guide absolutely free. So go ahead, with the price of everything including fuel rising these days, take advantage of a free offer.