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Keynote Speech at Enviroweek, St. Maarten

We just returned from keynoting Enviroweek. Our talks centered on Peak Oil, Alternative fuels, Wind, Solar, and Energy Conservation. I’ll be posting our Powerpoint presentations, pictures, and some of the more interesting products we saw at the show.

One of the most promising solutions was presented by West Indies Power (WIP), and centers on installing high voltage undersea power lines from nearby volcanic geothermal plants on Nevis and Saba. This electricity, provided to local power companies at $0.12 / kWh, is less expensive than the current $0.19 / kWh fuel component, which is expected to spike to astronomical levels, before becoming unavailable due to larger economies outbidding the islands to feed their burgeoning growth.


TV documentary about off-grid living

I am a TV documentary maker based in London, England.

One recent film I made that some of you might have seen was called SACRED GROUND, shown on PBS Frontline about the battle over what should be built at Ground Zero. It was also shown on Channel 4 in the UK and round the world.

I am now researching a documentary about living off the grid. It will include examples of small scale and large scale wind energy use. It will be about off-grid lifestyles in the 3rd world and the West. Some of it will be about developing countries and their energy solutions; partly it will be about what we in the West can learn from the third world and from the Green movement. Some of it will be about mobile lifestyles – people living in trailers, boats, caravans etc.

Please could anyone reading this send me actual examples of wind energy or other off-grid solutions that are being used currently, anywhere in the world. preferably things you are involved in personally or where people you know are involved personally?

Thanks very much, and please do forward this request on to others who might be interested.

Nick Rosen