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The Creepy Pants Vermicomposter

A friend of mine, Bentley Christie, has been espousing the concept of continuous flow worm composters, and has developed a number of such designs. I love this low tech, no cost worm bin the best. As food scraps build up in the pants, the worms move higher up in the “bin”, allowing you to periodically empty the castings from the two legs. No dumping the bin, separating the worms, and starting over. Just keep adding food and some bedding material, and harvest the great compost. Put a bucket under it to catch the liquid fertilizer that plants love so much. You will have to keep this process moist, as there is a greater chance for it to dry out. An easy way is to process food scraps in a blender with water, and pour the “smoothie” into the “bin”.

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Bucket Worm Composting

We have used red worms for composting in the past, and we make various products with used buckets, so when we ran across this video on making worm bins with used buckets, we were intrigued. There are two videos, one on making the worm bin, and a second one on harvesting. Both are excellent and we recommend you watch them in order, before starting construction. For more information on worm composting, and a source of worms, see For more diy ideas with buckets, see


Happy worms!

We just added 1000 worms to a new worm bin. One hour after spreading them on top of the litter, they disappeared into the bedding to munch away happily on our kitchen scraps. We are thrilled that we are able to keep up our composting indoors, even when it’s below 0 (F) outdoors. There is no smell other than an earthy dirt smell right near the bins. We cover all submissions with coconut fiber as we add it. No ants, flies, or smells. This picture was taken as we were adding some old stale tortilla shells and a fresh batch of worms. We can send you 1 lb. of worms, 1 bale of coconut fiber, and a manual on worm composting for $99, delivered. You supply a $8 plastic tote (12 – 15 gallon) and you are in the indoor worm composting business. Just drop us a line at


Composting Toilet and Recycling System, Ready to Go!

We have developed a complete composting Kitchen and Toilet system for anyone wanting to reduce their water requirements, eliminate sewage, and build soil quality for gardening. Consisting of a manual on worm composting, a collection device (toilet), cover & bedding material (coconut fiber), a worm bin and worms, This system sells for $100 + Shipping, and includes everything you need. See pictures of the components at

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Build your own from the descriptions and parts list, or drop us a line at for a complete kit delivered to you.

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